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John Lancashire

First treatment

“That was very relaxing, I feel a lot less stressed. It was a nice feeling just to stop! The drifting off feeling was better than what you got you when you went to bed it was deeper somehow. If I had gone to sleep it would have been a very deep sleep! I liked all the routine just as it was!”

Second treatment

“It was really strange I had a dull ache in my muscles for about 48 hours, although they felt so much looser it was like they were worn from being so tight and then they ached from being more relaxed!

Girl having Full Body Massage
That night I had a fantastic nights sleep I had 8 hours! Wow that was great I just reached that place where you want to sleep. Everything is much looser now, my head may just drop off!”

Third treatment

“Six months ago I got hit by a car and I suffered whiplash from it. After two weeks I could not turn my head right it was too painful. This made driving really difficult, the lack of mobility had stayed with me until the last 3 weeks while I have been having your treatments. The pain had got less and less and now I can turn my head fully to the right and there is no pain. So thank you!”


“I was very nervous at first, but I became thoroughly relaxed during my treatment. There was excellent depth, rhythm and flow to my massage. It was very good I would come again.”


“It was good, better than expected!”


“I liked the way you took your time to find out what I felt was wrong with my body and then tailored your massage just for those areas. I will be back.”

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