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After a particularly stressful and unhappy time I went to Celia for a healing. As I had never had a healing before I was apprehensive, Celia soon reassured me and put me at my ease. During the healing there were times when I felt extremely emotional and tearful, I also saw amazing pastel colours that seemed to bring in the light. after the healing I had a sense of serenity I had not experienced in years. In the days after the healing I found closure and have moved on to a happier phase in my life.


Celia Milligan is one of the most deeply caring and loving individuals I have met. She is a well-grounded person even though she has an incredible gift for healing both the physical and psychological. Receiving healing from Celia is like entering a chamber of light. Her good humour and positive personality combined with her warm natural healing ability, allows her to provide a gently penetrating and comprehensive healing session. I have benefited greatly from her help with Crohnís disease, as well as through the mental

anguish of the breakdown of my marriage and of having an ill daughter. Celia seems to be able to pinpoint the problem areas within my mind and body, without me saying a word. She has an intuitive sense of what is wrong and her healing sessions leave me feeling tranquil, stress free, more composed and ready to face the trials and tribulations that I have to cope with. Since receiving healing from Celia, my Crohnís disease has calmed down enormously, and my mental anguish has gone, to be replaced with mental calmness. Overall, I feel that Celia holds only the best interests for the people she is healing and for those she works with.


I went for healing with Celia Milligan to find some relief from an ongoing physical condition that I have. I was a little apprehensive about receiving healing, as in the past Iíd had some bad experiences with healers. I felt comfortable with Celia to give myself another chance and try healing once again, although I did initially feel a little nervous taking that step. My nerves didnít last for long as Celia helped me to feel very comfortable and relaxed. I found her very proficient in creating a soothing and healing environment that I would expect from a healer. Once I had settled, Celia took me through exactly what would happen during the session and what I could expect from it. During the healing session I felt I was gradually taken to a very comfortable level of relaxation and consciousness where I felt the presence of strong energies at work. I didnít seem to have an awareness of time during the healing session, but before the healing session commenced, Celia explained to me of a system where I would know when, and how, to bring my awareness back. I found this to be a very reliable system to steadily bring back my awareness. Celia

quietly gave me some time after the session to carry on my calm, relaxed state and to talk about anything that I felt I would like to talk about (or which had showed up for me) from the session. I found her to be a very good listener and easy to openly talk to. During the days and weeks after my healing session with Celia, I found positive improvements in my condition. Celia restored my confidence in healers, and I would happily recommend her. As far as I am concerned, Celia is a shining example of how a healer should be.

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