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Matthew Lancashire

First treatment

“I was drifting off a lot of the time and I feel my neck is very loose. Are you sure it is not flapping about? My shoulders feel very good and very flexible. The treatment was more involved than I thought it would be, with lots of different actions in different areas.”


Second treatment

“I slept really well the night after your treatment, but the stress came back next day when I was a work. I did have a headache but it didn’t develop into a migraine, which is what usually happens! I did feel better for about 24 hours. That was lovely, thank you my neck and shoulders feel really loose.”

Third treatment

“Very nice, thank you. Supple back, lots of mobility, not a stiff back anymore. I enjoyed my treatments, I think I need more.”

Sandy Blackburn

First treatment

“That feels really good. I think I fell sleep then? My shoulders already feel loads better and the tension has gone above my eyes!”

Second treatment

“I feel more chilled than last time, I went with the flow, just relaxed and enjoyed it. I have been pleasantly worked but not like exercise. I really love that movement. (Ironing). I suffer from lots of water retention in my face and when you were working, I felt it draining out, it feels less puffy.”

Third treatment

“My shoulders and neck felt loose for about 48 hours afterwards! I was very relaxed straight away.”


"The pain in my neck going down my shoulders has gone and has not come back. Thank you!"


"Since seeing you and having regular massages, I have not had one migraine. Not bad as before I was having one a week. Thaaannkkks Sooooo Much."


"Whilst having your massage I drifted off completely, something I never do during the day. The tightness in my shoulders went and I slept like a baby."


"Thank you! I had the best nights sleep I’ve had in four years, the neck pain has all gone!"


"Due to stress I had been jaw clenching, so badly that each morning I had pain all up my face and a tension headache. Since you have been working in that area after just two massages the pain had gone. I am also sleeping so much better. Thank you"

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