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“When I first met Celia, I told her I felt anxious all of the time. I had tried counselling and relaxation classes, but nothing had worked. Within the first session I knew this was right for me. Celia asked me to talk about my past experiences and how they had made me feel. So, we could then look at what emotions were presenting now. She gave me some real practical tools and strategies to work with. I had to buy a journal and I was set homework. In the next two weeks I felt lighter and was learning to not give my power away. My anxiety in the meantime was getting less and less. Now when I wake up in the morning I feel contended and the dread and worry has gone. I still practice the techniques Celia showed me every today.”


"No one has ever listened to me in the way Celia does."


"Celia quickly identified how I had boxed myself in. Then very efficiently gave me the tools, so I could let myself out."


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