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“The sports massage you gave me on my legs was fantastic. Usually when I go running it is my legs that feel heavy and hurt and slow me down. After your massage I went for a run and my legs felt great what slowed me down was my cardio!!! Something to work on! Thanks see you after the marathon.”


“Having always had pain in my shoulders and neck I came to you with little hope of any changes. Boy was I wrong, after the first 24 hours I did experience some aching as you said I would but, nothing as bad as the pain I had before. The pain never returned and after your second massage I felt no aching afterwards. Thank you so much.”


“When I went to see you I found you very through in your consultation, you seem to want to know exactly what was going on with my body. Since you worked on loosening and stretching my hamstrings, I have had no back ache at all.”

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